Why Steel Angles Are Great For The Construction Industry

Steel angles, also known as angle bars, are some of the most used materials in construction. It is a structural metal with a unique cross-section, consisting of two legs at a 90-degree angle. It is used in framing and bridge construction, as well as the construction of warehouses.

Our manufacturing process for steel angles uses the hot rolling method. Hot rolling produces structural profiles for steel that are both strong and cost-effective.

Steel angles are predominantly used to provide structural support and the most ideal composition is a low alloy yet high-strength steel with superior ductility and toughness. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as the construction of bridges and warehouses, the manufacturing of equipment and machinery, the support of beams and other structures, the building of shelves and utility carts.

Steel angles offer great advantages, especially when it comes to framing, reinforcement, aesthetic trims, brackets, etc. The combination of low-alloy steel and the innate properties of such alloys make these angle bars ideal for both construction and assembly applications.

Here some 4 industries where steel angles are commonly used:

Bridge structures:

Useful in any part of the bridge, steel angles can provide concrete reinforcement in the deck and can be found in bridge components like arches, girders, bearings, or pedestrian pathways. Bridges with such steel angles are known to withstand the test of time due to their strength and durability.

Support Structures required for manufacturing of Bridge Structure:

Steel angles are a perfect choice for support structures. They can be used for a variety of building purposes, including making the warehouse foundation, completing the structure of a mezzanine system, or providing roofing support through a steel deck or rafter.

Equipment manufacturing:

For most electrical equipment or everyday household appliances, steel has been used as a base material. Forklifts, bulldozers, road rollers, and excavators are some of the heavy machineries made using steel. Many appliances are protected by steel angles, which provide protection to the appliance’s corners. These include washing machines, industrial ovens, stoves and many more. Also, the use of steel angles in equipment-making reduces costs for both the manufacturer and consumer.


In addition to their use in construction, steel angles are also used in framing objects or structures. They can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet aesthetic requirements. Steel angle framing can also be used to build other custom designs, such as the ones needed to support handrails, utility carts, interior moldings and trimmings, paneling and cladding.

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