Innovative & Superlative Structural Products From JSP

Structural Steel Products

Our structural steel products are engineered to comply with the most stringent industry standards and specifications, ensuring that they cater to the broader market segment.

JSP Structural Steel has the following characteristics:

  • Wide dimensional range

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Superior Weldability

  • Atmospheric corrosion resistance

  • Cost effective

  • Availability of various grades

  • Multiple sectional weights

JSPL Products and Non-JSPL Products

Check the Jindal Panther embossing carefully to receive original product.

Why Use JSP Parallel Flange Beams/Columns

Tapered Beams Vs Parallel Flange Beams

Better resistance to failure than ISMB (click image to enlarge)

JSP rolled sections (Curve a), have much higher buckling coefficient with respect to the builtup section, (Curve b) hollow sections, (Curve c) cold formed sections (Curve d).


Savings in Steel With JSP

Advantages of High Strength Steel (HSS)

As a thumb rule every 1 % increase in YS saves 0.5 % of steel as enumerated below:

Conventional Use Is YS 250 MPA
HSS Grade YS 350 MPA YS 450 MPA
Increase in YS 40% Over 250 MPA 80% Over 250 MPA
Potential Savings in Usage 20% 40%
Savings in steel cost considering additional prices for high strength steel 13.5% 26.5%

JSP can supply all steel in High Strength Steel and in customized length. We can also collaborate to develop YS 550 MPa.

JSP Structural Product Range


New Product Development

In our continuous endeavour to new products development to meet market demand and requirements, we are in process of developing the following sections in the coming months:

JSP Structural Steel has the following characteristics:

  • Rolling of RCS 125, 140, and 150 mm

  • Rolling of Sheet Pile PU 18 and 18+

  • UB 254×102, UB 305×127, NPB 300

  • Rolling of Sheet pile IV with reduced web thickness of 10 mm

  • W 8×6.5, W 10×4, W 12×4, W 10×8

  • Rolling of Round 140,150 and 160 mm

Our Structural Steel Products Range