Universal Beam & Column

What are universal columns and universal beams?

Universal columns and beams are structural steel sections used in construction projects. Universal columns, also known as UCs, are vertically oriented I-shaped sections that provide structural support. Universal beams, also known as UBs, are horizontally oriented I-shaped sections that provide stability and support for horizontal loads. Both universal columns and beams are commonly used in construction projects for their versatility, strength, and durability.

UB Section

Section Section Wt. (kg/m)
UB 152 x 89 16
UB 152 x 100 13/18/24
UB 178 x 102 23.1
UB 203 x 133 25/30
UB 254 x 146 31/37/43
UB 305 x 102 22/25/28/33
UB 305 x 165 40.3/46/54
UB 356 x 171 45/51/57/67
UB 406 x 140 39/46/53
UB 406 x 178 54/60/67/74
UB 457 x 152 52/60/67/74/82
UB 457 x 191 67/74/82/89/98/106/133/161
UB 533 x 165 66/74/85
UB 533 x 210 82/92/101/109/122
UB 610 x 229 101/113/125/140
UC 305 x 305 149/179/238
UB 762 x 267 147/173/197/220

UC Section

Section Section Wt. (kg/m)
UC 152 x 152 23/30/37/51
UC 203 x 203 37.3/46/52/60/71/86
UC 254 x 254 73/89/107/132/167
UC 305 x 305 97/118/137/158/163/198/240/283
UC 356 x 368 129/153/177/202
UC 356 x 406 235/287

Universal Columns and Universal Beams by JSP Structurals

JSP Structurals offers a wide range of high-quality universal columns and beams, which are essential components in building and construction projects. These structural steel sections are designed to provide superior structural support and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different applications. JSP Structurals’ universal columns and beams are known for their excellent mechanical properties, weldability, and dimensional accuracy, making them a popular choice for construction and infrastructure projects worldwide.


Universal columns, also known as UC beams or wide-flange beams in some regions, are structural steel members commonly used in construction and engineering. They have a distinctive "I" or "H" shape and are designed to provide support for heavy loads, making them essential for building sturdy structures such as bridges, buildings, and industrial facilities. Universal columns are characterised by their vertical web and horizontal flanges, which distribute the load efficiently. These versatile columns come in various sizes and can be used in a wide range of applications, offering strength and stability to construction projects of varying scales.

Universal columns and universal beams are both structural steel sections used in construction, but they differ in their shape and purpose. UBs are versatile and commonly used for horizontal load-bearing applications, such as beams that support the weight of roofs, bridges, or horizontal structural elements. On the other hand, UCs are primarily used for vertical load-bearing applications, such as supporting the weight of floors or vertical columns in buildings.

Choosing universal beams and columns for your construction projects involves considering several key factors. First, determine the load-bearing requirements of your project, including the weight and forces the beams and columns will need to support. Next, calculate the span and height dimensions to ensure the selected beams and columns can adequately distribute the load. Material selection is crucial; opt for materials like steel or aluminium, known for their strength and durability. Additionally, consult building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with structural standards. Finally, consult with a structural engineer or expert to make an informed decision based on the specific needs and constraints of your construction project.