Crane Rails

What are Crane Rails

A speciality rail used for tracks for high-capacity lifting cranes, mainly in overhead crane runways and gantry cranes. Crane rails are used in seaports, warehouses, industrial sheds, construction companies, coke oven battery passages, and for underground mine trackage.

Crane Rail Differs From Railway Track Rails In Two Aspects:

  • Heavier crane rail has a much thicker web than normal track rail, making it a very distinctive section.
  • The Base width is always equal to the height of the rail

CR150(JSPL Specification) with their wide base, low centre of Gravity, and wide web are ideal for high side thrust. The demand is mainly for Steel Plants such as Steel Making Units-Electric Arc Furnaces Units, LD Converter, Heavy Duty Motor Room, Roll Grinding Shops, and Ports and Refineries.

Due to a progressive increase of the vertical loads of cranes on some special projects, the requirements for rail with a greater strength and gardening surface are desirable. JSPL has successfully developed Heavy Crane Rail-CR150(150kg/m) and CR 120 (118kg/m)

Product Range

JSP offer a range of crane rail sections for use with overhead crane and floor-mounted cranes. Our Crane rail include CR 80, CR 100, CR 120, CR150

JSP Structurals Specification
ISCR80 ISCR100 ISCR120 CR150
CR80 CR100 CR120

JSP Inspection And Testing Facilities

JSP’s strong focus on quality assurance systems are equipped with modern testing facilities for online and offline testing conforming to stringent quality standards,

Offline Testing

Offline testing equipments include Image Anaylser Microscope, Spectrometer, Ultimate Tensile Measurement Machine, Residual Stress Measurement, Fracture Toughness Measurement, Falling Weight Test, Decarburization and Inclusion Rating Study.


Sprectro Lab, Germany

Residual Stress Measurement

Vishay Micro Measurements, USA

Fracture Toughness & Fatigue Test:

Sprectro Lab, Germany

Falling Weight Test

Online Testing

Online Non Destructive testing includes Profile checking Machine, Laser Straightness Measurement System, Eddy Current Measurement, Ultrasonic Testing Facility. Color Marking Unit, HYDRIS Online Hydrogen Measurement System.

Online Profile Checking Meachine

Technogamma, Italy

Online ultrasonic testing machine


Online laser straightness measurement machine

Knorr Technik GmbH, Austria Purpose: It ensures to check body straightness along with complete NDT line integration

Color marking unit

Knorr Technik Gmbh, Austria

Online eddy current testing machine:

Institut dr forster, germany purpose: helps in detecting surface defects

Online hydrogen measurement

Ardee Technologies, India Purpose: Gases dissolved in steel may have high detrimental effects like shatter-cracks during usage. For the same, it is important to control the same in very close limits. At JSPL, Ruhrstahl Heraeus Degasser is used for cleaning steel from dissolved gases like Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Integrated Steel Making Process


Crane rail is used to provide a dedicated track or runway for cranes and other heavy machinery to move along, facilitating the safe and efficient transport of heavy loads in various industrial and construction settings. 

Crane rails are typically made of steel, specifically, they are often constructed from high-strength, durable steel materials to withstand the heavy loads and constant wear and tear associated with crane operations.