Steel Angles & Channels

What are steel angles and steel channels?

Steel angles and channels are two types of steel components utilized in construction and engineering projects. Steel angles, with their L-shaped design, serve as crucial supports and braces, while channels, with their C-shaped profile, are used for beam and column support, framing, and mounting. Both angles and channels are made from high-strength structural steel, making them durable and long-lasting. With the ability to be customized in size, they are a versatile component in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects that require the use of structural steel. 

Steel Angles by JSP Structurals

JSP Structurals is a leading manufacturer of hot rolled equal leg angles, which are ideal for various applications, including structural projects, fabrication, machining, and repairs. Their steel angle sections offer a wide dimensional range, excellent surface finish, close dimensional tolerance, and superior mechanical and chemical properties. The angle sections are formable and machinable, making them ideal for transmission line tower segments. With superior weldability and availability of mild to high strength steel, these steel angle sections are a reliable choice. 

Resources & Specifications

ISA angles Sizes ISMC channels Sizes
in sizes 50, 65, 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 150, 200 & 250 mm in various sectional weight in size 75 mm to 400 mm

Advanced features of MLSM

  • Walking beam type reheating furnace of 200 tonnes / hour capacity (Make: ITALIAMPIANTI TENOVA)
  • 5-stand continuous roughing mill with 2 vertical stands and 3 horizontal stands
  • 10-stand continuous intermediate and finishing mill with 7 universal stands in intermediate train and 3 horizontal stands in finishing train
  • 90-metre long cooling bed
  • Straightening machine
  • 2 cold saws for cutting into a customised length
  • Automated stacking, bundling and marking / labeling

Steel Channels by JSP Structurals

JSP Structurals offers hot-rolled steel Channels for a variety of applications. With a wide dimensional range and superior structural support, these channels are ideal for frames, braces, machinery, enclosures, vehicles, buildings, and structural support applications. These steel channels have mild to high tensile strength, superior weldability, and atmospheric corrosion resistance, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for all your steel needs. 


A steel channel is a common structural shape made of steel that resembles a "C" or "U" in cross-section. It is widely used in construction and engineering projects to provide structural support and stability. Steel channels come in various sizes and dimensions, making them versatile for different applications. They are often used as beams, supports, or framing components in buildings, bridges, and industrial machinery, offering strength and durability due to their steel composition. Steel channels are essential in distributing and carrying loads, making them a fundamental element in structural engineering and construction.

Steel channels are typically used for load bearing applications because the U-shaped cross-section makes them more stable and able to withstand heavier loads. Steel angles are typically used for bracing and support applications because the L-shaped cross-section makes them more versatile and able to be used in a variety of applications.

Choosing the right steel channel and steel angle for your construction projects involves considering several key factors. First, determine the intended application and load-bearing requirements. For heavy-duty structural support, opt for thicker and larger profiles. Next, assess the environment for corrosion resistance; galvanised or stainless steel may be necessary for outdoor or corrosive settings. Consider the dimensions, such as the length, width, and thickness, to ensure they meet your project specifications.