Fire Resistant Steel by JSP

What is Fire Resistant Steel? 

Fire-resistant steel is a type of steel that retains a significant portion of its strength when exposed to high temperatures, typically around 550 degrees Celsius, for specified periods. In general, steel is considered fire-resistant if it can maintain approximately 60-65% of its strength at room temperature under these elevated heat conditions. The fire-resistant properties are often achieved through specific alloying systems, such as Cr-Mo-V-Nb, which enhance the steel’s ability to withstand fire effects. 

What JSP Structurals offers

  • Manufactured in accordance with IS15103 standards
  • Designed to endure temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius for a maximum duration of 3 hours
  • Exhibits a refined crystal structure with reduced Sulphur content
  • Incorporates micro-alloys such as Cr, Mo, V, Nb, enhancing formability and mechanical properties
  • Well-controlled Carbon Equivalent, ensuring excellent weldability
  • Offered in a comprehensive range of sections/profiles produced by JSP


     Grade         Electrode used 
    FR_Fe 410/E250         E 7018 
    FR_Fe 490/E350         E7108 & E8018 

Advantages of choosing JSP Fire Resistant Steel 

  • Fire Protection efficiency:

    JSP Fire Resistant Steel ensures robust fire protection with its base material alone, eliminating the need for external applications.

  • Structural optimisation:

    While other methods may increase dead weight, JSP's solution maintains the structure at an optimum weight, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Simplified design and application:

    JSP Fire Resistant Steel reduces the need for additional time and work in design and application, streamlining the process compared to other methods.

  • Minimal maintenance:

    Unlike other methods requiring frequent upkeep, JSP's fire-resistant steel demands minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

  • Skill independence:

    JSP's fire resistance steel eliminates the dependence on highly skilled labour at the site, making the end result more accessible and consistent.

  • Versatility in shape and size:

    JSP Fire Resistant Steel presents no limitations on shape, size, aesthetics, or complexity, providing unparalleled flexibility compared to other methods.

  • Environmental safety:

    JSP Fire Resistant Steel prioritises environmental safety by avoiding the use of polluting and hazardous materials, unlike other methods.

  • Cost Efficiency:

    JSP Fire Resistant Steel offers a more stable cost structure, outperforming other methods that see exponential cost increases with higher fire ratings and variables.